SecureChain adopts Intelligent Proof of Stake (IPoS) algorithm for the performance, speed and security. The base code has been sourced from Hyperledger Besu Ethereum Client.

An AI-based blockchain consensus algorithm combines the decentralized nature of blockchain technology with the intelligence of artificial intelligence to achieve faster and more efficient consensus among network participants.

The algorithm works by utilizing machine learning models to analyze and predict the behavior of network participants. These models take into account factors such as transaction history, network activity, and individual node behavior to determine the likelihood of consensus being reached.

As new transactions are added to the blockchain, the AI model continuously updates and analyzes the network to ensure that consensus is being reached in the most efficient way possible. In cases where the network is experiencing high levels of congestion, the AI model may suggest alternative paths to achieve consensus, such as prioritizing certain transactions or redistributing network resources.

One key advantage of an AI-based consensus algorithm is its ability to adapt to changing network conditions in real-time. As the network grows and evolves, the AI model can learn from past behavior and adjust its predictions accordingly.

Overall, an AI-based blockchain consensus algorithm offers a promising new approach to achieving faster and more efficient consensus among network participants. However, further research and development will be needed to fully realize the potential of this technology.

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