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Welcome to SecureChain.AI

SecureChain AI is a web3 ecosystem empowering blockchain security with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology.


SecureChain AI is technically supported by EtherAuthority to create trust in the web3 ecosystem using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The blockchain is open source and community governed which make it a truly decentralised protocol. It uses proprietary Intelligent Consensus Security (ISE) layer to increase safety of the user's digital assets.
SecureChain's AI powered algorithm monitors the ecosystem for any possible fraudulent activities and alerts the users beforehand. SecureChain AI's products and services does not only protect its own network, but also other blockchains to make web3 truly a safer place.
SecureChain AI also supports gasless transactions, which helps many DeFi projects and Dapps operate seamlessly.
SecureChain AI is an EVM compatible blockchain, which enables all the web3 and dapp developers to work on SecureChain AI easily and effectively.
Last modified 3mo ago